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June Horoscopes!

Happy June, everyone! We’re halfway there! We’re under new marching orders from Uranus, planet of the unexpected, officially amplifying change in all things related to Taurus – the earth, sensuality, money and our values. Good medicine for Taurus is usually to keep it simple, but with rebellious Uranus here for the next 8 years, we’re due for revolution and (hopefully!) progress when it comes to this earthy terrain in ourselves, and the world around us. The Sun and Mercury kick us off this month is flirtatious, mentally dexterous Gemini, promising synapses will be firing and our curiosity roused. Yes, Pluto and Saturn continue to pull us back into a mini existential crisis, but when the tensions releases in September, we’ll be all the clearer. Enjoy the new chapter that’s opened this month and allow your strange instincts to lead you forward into the untrodden. Feisty Mars fresh in innovative Aquarius will help light the path. 

 For the full skinny, be sure to read your Sun and Rising sign. 

  Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

 Happy Birthday, Gemini! You’re in the zone of the Sun returning full circle to its starting point in the Zodiac, ushering in a fresh cycle of energy. The first half of the month (from May 29thuntil June 12th), you’ll have the winged messenger planet Mercury whipping through your sign, upping the ante on appointments and correspondence. It’s a great time to show off your sparkling intellect or put sprinkle your communicative fairy dust into networking and publicity campaigns. You’ll be feeling both more curious and assertive, and with the power of the Sun doubled on your sign, it’s well within your realm to get some answers and clarify where your prodigious energies are needed. Meanwhile Pluto and Saturn continue to retrograde in your 8thHouse of Sex, Death and Other People’s Money, pulling you back into transformative lessons around boundaries and your deepest, sexual self.  With all the infectious buzz of Mercury and everything you’ve learned of late, set clear New Moon intentions on June 13th– which also happens to be in your sign; a powerful month for Gemini indeed! 

 Cancer (June 20th– July 22nd) 

 You’ve been enjoying Venus, planet of all-things-pleasure, cruising through your sign since May 19th. This dopamine-inducing planet will give you that Venusian glow through the 19thuntil she ditches you for Leo. Enjoy that extra spotlight on your lovable charm while she lasts. If anything, the planets always teach us to enjoy the moment and not to get too attached – unless, of course, you’ve found the real thing. After that you enter a more Mercury phase as this busy planet inches close to your Sun, acting like an espresso shot on communication and correspondence. It’s your 7thHouse of partnership that’s been getting the relentless retrograde of Pluto and Saturn, unearthing any beliefs around pairing, trust and compromise that have become antiquated or need to be updated to reflect who you are today (this particular retrograde will last through September, so slow-and-steady wins the race in the team-building department). In short, the world will be giving you ample opportunity to relate and build with others, but be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone and feel vulnerable.  Likely, you’ll be given some roles that reflect this theme. If you’re not at least a little afraid, you may need a juicier part – and what timing with Venus in your sign to ask! The Full Moon of May 28th(in Capricorn directly across from your Sun) should give you something to talk about it. In the meantime, good luck exploring the infinite abyss.  

 Leo (July 23rd– August 22nd) 

 It’s your globally-conscious Eleventh House of future hopes and dreams that is lit up for the first half of the month by the Sun and Mercury, both in the connective, sparkly sign of Gemini.  Reaching out on the worldwide web and social media is the tip of the iceberg. It looks like you’ll have a platform or be inspired to broadcast your unique brand or service to everyone in the rafters. Getting by with a little help from your friends is also in the cards – and you’ll be hungry to meet some movers and shakers heading in a similarly upward direction. You’ll have June 13thto look forward do, on and after which Venus – planet of love and beauty – will be touring your magnanimous sign (until July 9th). Another thing to keep in mind is red-hot Mars is fresh in your 7thHouse of relationship serving up a somewhat eclectic sampler platter of lovers or business partners, that could be as vitalizing as they are triggering. Either way, it seems you are meant to forge some new connections for purposes you may be unaware of at the time. Stay open and keep your larger purpose in your mind’s eye. 

Virgo (August 23rd– September 21st)

Your relationship with your creativity, as well as your ability to play seems under review with Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your 5thHouse of creativity and love affairs. The 5thHouse is the house of the actor, and you’ve got some heavy hitters here that seems to be asking some tough questions about self-responsibility and self-empowerment. It may be that your ego needs the boost of achievement, but the planets are demanding that your quest is about more than just seeing your name in lights. The pride of a job well done, even if no one knows about it (yet), has shot to the top of your values or at least is trying to get there. You’re learning that all the other stuff … the external trapping of fame ... are just icing, and ephemeral at that. Your big payout is your personal investment and the exhale of personal contentment for delivering the goods. And the more fun you can have while you work, so the two become inextricably linked, the better. It just so happens that the Sun and Mercury are lighting up your 10thHouse of career the first half of the month, so world-famous storyteller is a role you’ll easily step into – whether that’s with a group of friends or on stage. 

Libra (September 22nd– October 22nd)

The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in fellow air-signs offering some supportive winds this month and putting some loose ends in place. Feisty Mars in your 5thHouse of fun and creativity is particularly stirring up the pot in romance giving you an opportunity to take a walk on the wild side, whether in your real or imagined life. With a New Moon in air-sign Gemini on June 13th, you’d do well to set some intentions around themes of travel or broadening your educational horizons. Where you can expect or have been experiencing the biggest change may be in the realm of the sexuality and intimacy as Uranus – planet of the unexpected – has landed in the smoky, psychologically-adept chart for the next 8 years. Intimate ties may be due for a shift in the rules, as you’re seeking a certain liberation from old identities in relationship, starting with the one with yourself. Meeting this energy halfway by really getting in touch with your body and impulses – in ways deemed unconventional or on the cutting edge by the collective – could prove incredibly transformative and healing. The key this month seems to be in exploring the untrodden and being courageous as you work out this new balance of power. A little travel to see how the other half lives can only help. 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

 The big change this month, Scorpio, is that Uranus is now officially in that 7thHouse of Commitment, which promises to shake things up and poke at the boundaries of your comfort zone. Whether single or hitched, this is a time where you or a partner may crave more novel and thrilling experiences – be it a shared adventure, financial investment or creative pairing of your artistic talents. It’s also time to strengthen the friendship portion of any relationship – and something platonic could all of a sudden shift into the romantic arena. Supporting this romantic roller coaster, is Venus in sweet and supportive fellow-water sign Cancer, sending you all sorts of opportunities to bond with new or existing loved ones. You’ve got Jupiter in your sign for another 4 months, so live it up (12 years before this happy-go-lucky planet returns to your sign). It’s time to make your own rules and find partnerships that light you up and make you learn something about yourself. Even if some are lightening quick (Uranus in the 7thHouse can sometimes bring in thrilling, if unstable pairings), they are no less valuable. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd– December 21st)

You might notice you’re getting more invites this month as the flirtatious pairing of the Sun and Mercury travel your magnetic 7thHouse of all things relationship and one-on-one bonding, be it romantic or business. A New Moon on the 13thinvites intentions around these romantic themes so include some fresh rose petals on your vision board. After the 13thwhen Venus enters fellow-fire sign Leo, you’ll see an even greater uptick in your enthusiasm to say yes to some of these invites. It also should be said that Mars, feisty planet of action, courage and sex has entered intellectual Aquarius and your 3rdHouse of Communication and Commerce (and will be here until August 12th).  Because of your sign’s propensity to be blunt, you may do well to consider what you’re saying before saying it. It can of course lead to wonderful, extemporaneous bursts of rhetoric that can really inspire a crowd and garner lots of likes (that’s the Aquarian part), just consider treading more lightly in personal relationships or be aware of your tone as you’re espousing the opinions that you’re likely feeling as absolute fact. This can be a very busy month and likely you’re dealing with a lot of different personalities and projects, so make sure to take some conscious time outs and rest your mind before it takes over completely. 

Capricorn (December 21st– Jan 18th)

Industrious Pluto and Saturn continue to take you to the upside-down world as they retrograde through September and carve a path into your subconscious so you can become aware of any self-defeating patterns. This is not bad news – only to say that you might feel like part of your life is dedicated some sort of scavenger hunt of the past where you’re given the opportunity to heal and make sense of any confusing feelings or stagnant spots. This way you’ll be free to move forward unobstructed and clearly grounded in your own goals. The work you do on the inside will show itself in the maturity of the roles and responsibilities you’re offered so be grateful, even if you feel like once in a while you have to get drug through the mud.  In lighter news, Venus flirts with your Sun sign the first half of the month, making a powerful 180-degree angle from the cozy and complimentary sign of Cancer. Make some room to be and feel adored – a sweetie may only need know that you are available. The other change this month is the kick off of feisty, go-getter Mars in your 2ndHouse of income. I’d suspect you’re getting more comfortable with the management of resources and you’ll have energy here (until August 12th) to drum up some out-of-the-blue opportunities to earn quickly – and maybe pay for that summer vacation after all. Wherever Mars is we have to exercise courage – so while it may not be comfortable to be clear on what you need and by when, put it out there anyway and see how the world responds to your clear, financial goals. 

 Aquarius (Jan 19th– Feb 18th)

With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini kicking off the month in your 5thHouse of play, the skies look good for Aquarius to kick up their heels a bit and have some fun. With all the behind-the-scenes contemplation and upheaval (you can thank Pluto and Saturn in your 12thHouse of letting go), you deserve a little fun. Also, your brand-ambassador planet – Uranus – is making headlines as it has shifted into new territory for the next 8 years.  What does that mean for you? That this planet of shock and awe is leaving your busy, busy, busy 3rdHouse of connectivity and shifting the landscape in your more personal, below-the-surface home-and-family sector. This electric planet is waking up your roots – which could translate as a literal move, a sudden wistfulness for unconventional living arrangements, or just a shake-up of your routine that more aptly reflects your evolving values.  If it weren’t for Mars busting the gates into your sign until August, I’d almost say you were mellowing out. Mars however pits you at the center of the action until the end of summer, begetting that can-do energy and productivity. 

Pisces (Feb 19th– March 20th) 

Your sign is one of the stars of a grand trine this month in water signs – basically the winning lottery ticket of the Cosmos. Dreamy Neptune in Pisces is sending flirtatious signals to Venus and Jupiter, which means you’re in the mood for love and need only float in space of receptivity to attract in some pretty lovely circumstances and people into your life.  Your imagination and access to emotion is also at an all-time high. Of course, there’s always the possibility of completely zoning out and escaping in unhealthy ways, but it’s definitely a time to dream up new possibilities, step into creativity and play. It’s best to engage with these energies consciously. Be sure to set some intentions on the New Moon on June 13th.  Your more serious energies (Pluto and Saturn) are lighting up your House of long term plans, so you may be re-thinking the entire trajectory or at least the next chapter of your life. Remember to have some fun while those pieces are falling in place – it could take until September when Pluto and Saturn go direct to have greater clarity around your next big moves. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet spot this month and be someone who can see greater possibilities than what exists in the here and now. 

Aries (March 21st – April 19th) 

You’ll be in the mood to learn this month, and get your mind on any new piece of information you can, especially concerning the subtle shift in your career direction. With the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon on the 13thall in your 3rdHouse of Communication and Commerce, it seems like your meant to open a lot of doors and see what sticks. Don’t focus as much on perfection this month, as just getting your hand in a lot of pots and having faith you’ll be guided towards the next baby step as you go along. This month is all about connecting the dots and trust you’ll have more time later to sharpen the lines.  Enjoy village life as it’s the mundane places and faces you encounter every day that could hold the next clue. After the 13th, when Venus moves into friendly-fire sign Leo, you’ll see an uptick in your romantic life and may be ready to act on some of those intellectual connections that have been brewing. This is also the first full month of shock-and-awe Uranus out of your sign – so if anything, as busy as you may be, you’re not guessing what’s around every corner as you may have been for the past several years. Enjoy being able to review the long-term picture and know that you have a little more control these days in how you move forward. 

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

By now, life may have given you a feel for what planet-of-the-unexpected --  Uranus -- in your sign means.   Such a momentous event as an outer planet taking up residence in one’s Sun sign for the next 8 years will usually have a symbolic opening, that at least gives you a hint of what’s to come. An external change of late or a radical shift in one’s attention and direction could be part of this rebellious energy shift. Going one’s own way and getting comfortable making the unconventional choice (at least from an outside perspective) is instrumental to your success. Trust your instincts even as they seem to erupt out of nowhere. With Pluto and Saturn in your 9thHouse of education, travel and belief systems, it would be weird if you weren’t mulling over the old way of doing things and asking some questions about life and how to really take the bull the horns (the answers will show themselves closer to September, when these two cosmic juggernauts turn direct).  The other big change is Mars entering Aquarius (here until mid-August), which will give a burst of energy to your career house and give you a chance to demonstrate that Martian chutzpah on a grander stage. It might be a test run to see how well you do with receiving attention for your lesser known and unexpected talents.